Facebook Reels

Reels are Meta's new short-form video format that enables engaging and expressive ways for people to connect and share, across Facebook and Instagram.

Our mission

Build a highly participatory short-form video ecosystem that is unified across Facebook and Instagram.


  • 10 product designers
  • 6 product managers
  • 6 user researchers
  • 58 engineers
  • and more…


  • Design Lead across 2 orgs 
  • Driver for IGxFB product integration
  • Team rep for x-team collaboration (e.g. Reels within Watch or Groups, Reels on WWW or FbLite)



Launched worldwide on Feb 2022 (TechCrunch)

Being a Design Lead

At Facebook, designers are expected to show signs of leadership regardless of title or level, but recently, a new, explicit role of Design Lead has emerged, which is taken on by senior ICs in growing or complex organizations. Design Leads must be subject matter experts for their theme or product space and they are responsible for leading it within their team, organization, and the company. They are active contributors to project vision and strategy, and also support other designers by providing feedback, empowering them to do their best work, and building and strengthening team/org culture. 

As a Design Lead, I identified gaps between the creation and consumption experiences for Reels, which were separate orgs, and I built not only a coherent e2e strategy for the product, but also set up team processes to bridge the orgs as a single team.

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