Microsoft Inclusive Design

Microsoft's Inclusive Design team is on a mission to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Designing for inclusivity opens up our experiences and reflects how people adapt to the world around them. Inclusive Design is a methodology, born out of digital environments, that enables and draws on the full range of human diversity. Most importantly, this means including and learning from people with a range of perspectives.

As part of their Inclusive Design Toolkit and communications campaign, I created a set of characters for them. I aimed to add diversity, fun an personality. Couldn't help but sneaking in Frida, Ruth, Bowie, and Bob. 

Another proposal for the toolkit was a set of dice. Each side of the dice would have a constraint, be it physical, temporal, location, etc. As you create a product, you could use the dice to test it and ensure it's usable by a broader set of users.

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